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We transform complex challenges into high-impact successes. Our management advisory services provide a unique “power-to-weight” ratio, delivering 10x the value of traditional consulting. We focus on achieving ambitious differentiation, speed, and lasting impact while minimizing expense, effort, and risk.

Increase your ambition while minimizing the downside risks of Big Bets.

We believe in winning. Empower your business and leadership team through bold moves and big bets. We are world-class at partnering with our clients to create durable business advantages and winning cultures.

Pressure-Test Your Big Bet

Struggling with digital transformation, growth, or operational change? You’re not alone. Let us unlock your success and turn challenges into victories. Our proprietary tools and frameworks create radically better outcomes.

Our Books

Big Bet Leadership, The Amazon Way, & Think Like Amazon. We have written leading books, articles, and frameworks on innovation, leadership, and creating business value with technology –> all written by business operators for business operators.

We wrote the essential books on Leadership, Innovation & Transformation


Big Bet Leadership

John Rossman

The amazon way

John Rossman

The amazon way on IoT

John Rossman

think like amazon

John Rossman