Our Services

Our services are designed to have a radically better “power-to-weight” ratio than management consulting. The “power” is the impact they have. The “weight” is the expense, the time, and the effort on your part. We accomplish this through careful design, frameworks, and proprietary IP. We achieve this by being world-class experts and focusing exclusively on Big Bets. 


Keynotes & Workshops: John and Kevin have delivered over 200 keynotes and workshops to inspire audiences and adjust skills and ways of working for innovation, transformation, and growth.

Advisory Services: Our advisory services are designed for the specific situation of our clients and include:

    • Big Bet Playbook development: We advise clients on building their Big Bet Thinking and transformation playbooks.
    • Big Bet Pressure Testing: Evaluating an existing big bet to give insights and actionable steps for high-ambition results.
    • Executive Coaching: Executive coaching for leaders & teams heading complex, high-ambition, high-risk initiatives.
    • Corporate priority planning: Keeping “the main thing, the main thing”.
    • Board and advisory board positions: Long-term enterprise growth and risk stewardship roles.

Wicked Problem Consulting:  We are experts in high-value, high-risk, complex, and unique situations.

Big Bet Leadership Workshops

You are planning a bold move, a major transformation, an annual plan, or a significant initiative. You are not sure you have the right concept, clarity for success, or a worthy business case. We offer a fixed-fee workshop to accelerate your progress and set you up to become a Big Bet Legend!

Let’s talk about your situation and craft the high-impact BIg Bet Leadership workshop.

Executive Coaching and Advisory — Become a Big Bet Legend

Our CxO coaching and advisory approach is like no other. We focus on a business problem, measure up front, and meet typically on an every-other week basis, and measure progress after a quarter. There is homework between our meetings and adhoc discussions. You have access to our experts for specific needs. We develop your leadership expertise on being the transformational leader you aspire to be by solving a wicked problem and developing a big bet.

The outcomes are that we help your business succeed at a Big Bet, and your leadership skills are adjusted for major transformations, putting you on the path of becoming a Big Bet Legend.

Big Bet Turn-Around and Pressure Tests

Big Bets often go sideways, or you want to find out where the weakness and unsurfaced risks are for your Big Bet. You are not alone. Using proprietary techniques, we deliver an independent opinion and concrete plan for turning your transformation or situation around. Remember, Big Bet Legends do three things to succeed at Big Bets —  they create clarity, maintain velocity, and accelerate risk and value. Let’s put these habits to work for you.

We aspire for a radically different “power-to-weight” ratio — 10x insights at a fraction of the effort or expense of traditional management consulting.