We used Amazon for lunch delivery, and here’s what happened

by | Dec 7, 2014 | Blog

Amazon Local

On-AMZN:  Seattle area customers have a new restaurant delivery ordering option — Amazon.com.  Geekwire has a well written review of the service.  Figuring out local and within-the-hour delivery options and marketplace continues to be a long-term commitment by Amazon.

By Taylor Soper

Amazon.com already helped us order lunch in July, but back then, we were forced to pick up our food at the local BBQ joint because Amazon did not offer a delivery option. First world problems, I know.

Get ... in ... my ... belly.
Get … in … mah … belly.

That all changed this week when Amazon rolled out a food delivery option in Seattle via its Amazon Local service. Given our track record for testing online food delivery services, you probably can guess how we ordered lunch for our weekly team meeting yesterday.

Compared to the other services we’ve tried, the Amazon experience was overall smooth and seamless — ordering online was a breeze, and our food showed up on time and hot.

It’s important to note that Amazon does not actually deliver the food — the restaurants themselves handle that. Amazon is only responsible for the online ordering aspect.

Read entire article HERE at Geekwire

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