The Real News Behind Amazon Surpassing Hulu and Apple in Streaming Video Usage

by | May 6, 2014 | Blog

An Amazon press release states that Prime Instant video streams tripled year over year, and that Amazon is now #3 among all video sites, passing Hulu and Apple.  Interesting as an isolated headline, but here’s the real point.  Given the access of Amazon Instant Video given to Prime members, the most important connection is that customers are seeing value from Prime beyond free second day shipping, and that Amazon’s virtuous cycle of delivering value via Prime, which incents customers to buy more from Amazon, which drives sales growth – will continue.  This is yet another way of adding and keeping customers within the Amazon ecosystem.  With the announcement of Amazon Fire TV, the virtuous cycle is adding another important access point.

Source: Qwilt

The most interesting posts on Amazon Video Usage are:

From Qwilt

As a brief update, Amazon revenue is expected to exceed $100B in 2014. AWS alone will account for $6B to $10B this year. Simply jaw dropping numbers. If Amazon says they will boil the ocean, better run to the beach and hop in fast before the water is scalding.

The growth of Amazon continues to amaze and confound Wall Street. CEOs across the globe marvel at Amazon”s insatiable appetite for new markets, new products and new revenue. At the same time, many of these CEOs worry they will wake up to news that Amazon has become their competitor.  Read the post

From The Verge

With the launch of Fire TV last week, Amazon is certainly hoping that figure will continue to rise now that even more people will have a simple way to browse, rent, and buy movies and TV shows on Amazon.   Read the post

From Variety

Amazon is touting a study finding that the number of streams delivered for its Prime Instant Video service nearly tripled year over year — and now surpasses Apple and Hulu in streaming-video usage.

But Amazon remains far behind Netflix, the leader in subscription video-on-demand market, while Google’s YouTube also delivers more video views than the Internet retailer does.  Read the post


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