Big Bet Playbook Advisory Session

Embark on a transformative journey with Big Bet Leadership One-on-One Coaching a premium, personalized coaching session designed to supercharge your strategic initiatives. Directly engage with the authors of Big Bet Leadership for an hour of in-depth advice and tailored guidance. This exclusive session offers you a unique opportunity to explore the nuances of your specific challenges, gain insights into applying the Big Bet Leadership framework effectively, and develop actionable strategies for your ambitious projects. Whether you’re navigating complex transformations, spearheading innovative ventures, or seeking to drive significant growth, this coaching experience equips you with the wisdom and clarity needed to lead with confidence and achieve groundbreaking success.

Would you like independent feedback and expert advice on your big bet or wicked problem? Schedule an hour to discuss your situation. We will read and prepare for our meeting, listen intently in the discussion, make recommendations and follow up with a written memo of our considerations, suggestions and your next steps. Often, this is all that’s needed. Rest assured, we treat all client information and discussions as client-confidential.

“Having John Rossman and Kevin McCaffrey advise me is like having Jeff Bezos advise me. Big Bet Leadership is the best strategy and tactics book and management framework I have used.” — Eric Martinez is the founder and CEO of Modjoul and former EVP at AIG.

“Big Bet Leadership One-on-One Coaching” is an unparalleled opportunity for leaders and executives to dive deep into the art and science of making and executing big bets within their organizations. This tailored coaching session, conducted by the seasoned authors of “Big Bet Leadership,” is designed to address the unique challenges and opportunities faced by today’s leaders. Over the course of an hour, participants will receive personalized guidance, strategic insights, and actionable advice specifically crafted to amplify their leadership capabilities and strategic execution prowess. This intimate coaching experience is aimed at empowering leaders to harness the full potential of the Big Bet Leadership framework, turning visionary concepts into tangible successes.

During the session, leaders will engage in focused dialogue on their specific strategic initiatives, challenges, and aspirations. The coaching is meticulously structured to unearth and address the core elements that define and determine the success of high-stakes projects. From creating clarity around ambiguous challenges to maintaining velocity in dynamic environments, and prioritizing risk and value effectively, the session is a deep dive into strategic excellence. Participants will explore the intricacies of making bold decisions, fostering innovation, and leading transformative change, all within the context of their unique organizational landscapes.

“Big Bet Leadership One-on-One Coaching” is more than just a coaching session; it’s a strategic investment in leadership development and organizational growth. Leaders will leave the session equipped with a clearer vision, a robust strategy, and a concrete action plan to navigate the complexities of executing big bets. This coaching experience is tailored for those who are not content with the status quo and are driven to lead their organizations to new heights of success and innovation. Whether you are at the helm of a startup poised for rapid growth or leading a major division within a global corporation, this coaching session is your gateway to becoming a Big Bet legend.

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