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Big Bet Playbook Advisory Session

Embark on a transformative journey with Big Bet Leadership One-on-One Coaching a premium, personalized coaching session designed to supercharge your strategic initiatives. Directly engage with the authors of Big Bet Leadership for an hour of in-depth advice and tailored guidance. This exclusive session offers you a unique opportunity to explore the nuances of your specific challenges, gain insights into applying the Big Bet Leadership framework effectively, and develop actionable strategies for your ambitious projects. Whether you’re navigating complex transformations, spearheading innovative ventures, or seeking to drive significant growth, this coaching experience equips you with the wisdom and clarity needed to lead with confidence and achieve groundbreaking success.

Big Bet Leadership Journal

Big Bet Leadership is a playbook, meant to be put to work in developing your Big Bet Thinking, Environment and Management. This journal bridges the book into action and serves as an essential guide to become a Big Bet Legend.

Big Bet GPT

Unlock Your Leadership Potential: Big Bet GPT Revolutionizes Strategic Decision-Making!

10x your ideas and speed? Use our Big Bet Leadership GPT

Author Q&A Video — with Kevin McCaffrey & John Rossman

Start with the “Why” Behind Big Bet Leadership: Get to know John & Kevin, our motivations and influences in our Author Q&A video. Discover firsthand insights, behind-the-scenes stories, and the powerful strategies that can transform you into a Big Bet legend. This video is a must-watch for anyone ready to make bold moves and lead their organization to groundbreaking success.