Rossman Geekwire Interview –Amazon CEO Andy Jassy crosses tough items off — what’s next?

by | Mar 16, 2022 | Media

Andy Jassy speaks at the 2021 GeekWire Summit. (GeekWire Photo/Kevin Lisota)

In Todd Bishop’s Geekwire headline article outlines, Amazon CEO Andy Jassy has been rethinking many strategies and positions for the company. Amazon announced a 20-for-1 stock split and $10B stock buy-buy plan. This prompted Todd to ask how I interpret these changes and what might be next.

(from Todd’s artcle) It’s just one of the long-awaited decisions that Amazon has made in recent months. Taken as a whole, the moves give the impression that new Amazon CEO Andy Jassy and team are working methodically through a list of difficult items that may have fallen by the wayside toward the end of founder Jeff Bezos’ tenure as CEO.

While these may be examples of Jassy coming in with fresh eyes and a new approach, these changes also reflect a longstanding Amazon ethos of challenging and questioning long-held positions, said John Rossman, a former Amazon business leader and author of multiple books about the company.

One of his books, Think Like Amazon, includes a chapter on the importance of never saying never, and not letting entrenched positions create a trap. The tumultuous nature of the past two years have underscored the importance this.

“You have to be willing to challenge the things that you’ve held true, because those may be the things that hold you back from the future,” Rossman said in an interview. “And Amazon has a history of rethinking past positions.”

He cited, as an example, Amazon’s past decision to move into bricks-and-mortar retail after years as a pure e-commerce company, which Amazon then revisited and adjusted again most recently by narrowing its retail footprint.

I suggested to Todd that what “could be next” might be a spin-off like AWS — something Amazon has always said is off-the-table.  But perhaps, Amazon is once again evaluating how to “never say never”.

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