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Competing In the Digital Era

Yesterday’s management science and MBA won’t be enough — not for you, not for your company. You need a new playbook. The Digital Leader Newsletter is a weekly lesson to help you compete in Digital Era. Core themes will be customer centricity, innovation, creating a growth agenda, and an assortment of leadership topics.

What Can Every Leader Learn from Amazon?

Amazon is the company of the Digital era. Love them or hate them, you can learn from them. I played a leadership role in launching and scaling the third-party selling marketplace and ran enterprise services. Although it has been a long time since I’ve been at Amazon, how Amazon defines, measures, debates, innovates, scales, invests and thinks about “leadership” is a constant in their business. And that’s a big part of their “secret”. This is the story I’ve captured and made a career mission of — helping business professionals and companies innovate, compete and win in the digital era.

The Digital Leader Newsletter is a chapter, delivered to your inbox, taking on a topic relative to innovating, competing, and winning in the digital era, often borrowing from the playbook of Amazon.