The Amazon Way Leadership Poster

The Amazon Way: Amazon’s 14 Leadership Principles is a durable best-seller and has sold upwards of 300,000 copies and translated to eight languages. Here’s the poster.

An Essential Business Leadership & Strategy Book for the Digital Era

There’s a lot that any business leader can learn from Amazon about building a high-performing team and organization. The Amazon Way unpacks Amazon’s leadership principles that are the cornerstone of this innovative and fast-moving company.

Author John Rossman was an early Amazon Executive who played a key role in launching the Amazon Marketplace business. Working closely with Jeff Bezos, Rossman draws on stories, meetings, emails, and conversations revealing Bezos’ brilliance and dedication to Amazon’s customers.

Some of the insights you will glean from The Amazon Way include:

  • Why true customer obsession is the starting point for a high-performing and innovative organization
  • How simplification is critical to both customer experiences and scaling operations
  • Why metrics are the fuel that feeds the engine of operational excellence and innovation
  • How Amazon’s famous “working backwards” approach to innovation works
  • What a “one-way door” versus “two-way door” decision is, and how this simple framework leads to speed and accountability
  • How to design and implement your own leadership principles and mechanisms with an “etch-in-jello” mindset

The Amazon Way is packed with relatable techniques for any leader, team, or organization (and if you are interviewing at Amazon or for current Amazon employees, it will be an invaluable asset for your success).

As one reviewer puts it, “Reading The Amazon Way is like peeking over the shoulder of an Amazon insider as you discover the 14 ‘secret ingredients’ – the special sauce [of a] company that has changed how the world buys, sells, streams, works, learns and stays entertained … you’ll learn how to think bigger, manage better, move fast, and deliver an exceptional customer experience that is essential for the digital era.”