Forbes Best Business Books for Summer 2019

by | Jun 27, 2019 | Blog

John Hall writes in Forbes about his favorite business books for 2019.  Here’s what he writes about Think Like Amazon:

“As a serial entrepreneur and keynote speaker, I find myself surrounded by hundreds of authors at the cutting edge of business writing. It’s hard to stay current on the newest books being self-published (and other methods of distribution that have become popular). So I constantly jot down titles I overhear and bookmark reviews for later. Reading as much content as possible enables me to stay on top of trends and get inspired by the best of the best.

Here are some of the business books I’m most excited about in 2019:

There’s nothing wrong with learning from the best. Think Like Amazon is a look inside what makes one of the world’s most successful companies work the way it does. It shows how you can incorporate Amazon’s strategies into your own business, using metrics, AI, and small teams to achieve what may right now seem impossible.”

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