CSP Interview — 3 Ways Amazon Will Succeed With C-Stores—and 1 Big Reason It Won’t

by | Feb 9, 2017 | Blog

CSP Daily News is the leader in news for the convenience store industry.  In this interview with Mitch Moreland, we discussed Amazon Go and key objectives for this.  Read the full article HERE

Key quotes from interview include

“For John Rossman, Amazon’s success in physical retail will stem from its uncanny ability to measure all relevant data and create cost-effective solutions that ultimately benefit the consumer.”

“Amazon has shown time and time again that by putting audacious goals on even the smallest tasks, it will continue to create innovative solutions,” Rossman told CSP Daily News. “I think Amazon will be patient and test many things in the physical store to see what works and what doesn’t work. I would expect the store to be mobile-enabled, commerce-centric packed even in a physical store.”

A former Amazon executive, Rossman helped build Amazon Marketplace. He envisions a metropolitan retail footprint aimed at a more urban population and engineered by cutting-edge payment and fulfillment technologies—a store where customers not only buy what’s in front of them, but also can order items from AmazonFresh and Amazon.com via phone and in-store touchscreens and have items delivered to their homes or at an Amazon Locker or nearby Amazon store.

Rossman also expects Amazon to tap highly sophisticated store sensors to capture customer traffic and decision-making in order to continually optimize product assortment.

“It will have fewer store associates than traditional retail stores,” he said. “Customer satisfaction is more about getting what you want, when you want, at the best possible price. Amazon understands that better than anyone.”

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