Black Friday Predictions 2016 — Amazon Dominates Online Forecast

by | Oct 25, 2015 | Blog

On-AMZN:  The Christian Science Monitor report that 83% of customers polled plan to spend Black Friday on, followed by at .  In-store retail customer polling reviel that the leader is Walmart at 62% followed by Target at 61% (apparently the poll allowed customers to pick more than one).  Black Friday 2014 saw 5% fewer shoppers YOY.  With Amazon Prime now in an estimated 50 million homes, Black Friday Predictions having Amazon dominating shoppers preference is not suprising, but certainly daunting for competition.

Black Friday Predictions -- Amazon Dominates Online Forecasts

Will Wal-Mart or Amazon win Black Friday this year?
By Elizabeth Harper

We expect many of the same strategies to make a comeback this year as both big retailers aim to win the day. Both Amazon and Walmart will be offering a strong selection of deals to get customers in the door, with price matching and price undercutting helping the two retailers jockey for position. Continuing recent years’ trends, Black Friday sales are likely to start earlier and last longer, giving consumers more time to take advantage of deals. However, doorbusters and limited-time offers (both Walmart and Amazon will be offering a variety of staggered sales) will continue to offer some of the best deals.

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