Big Data Query Tool Impala added to Amazon AWS — It Just Keeps Coming

by | Apr 29, 2014 | Blog


Werner Vogels, CTO of Amazon

Amazon’s cloud computing business AWS announced the release of high-performance SQL-like open source query tool Impala running on AWS.  Combine Impala with Amazon’s Kinesis product which enables real time collection and distribution of streaming data and instrumentation, and you’ve got the infrastructure components needed to power the internet of things (IoT).  From a business standpoint, the continued importance of high complexity, affordable, scalable and “by the sip” self-service technology should be an innovation enabler.  What would take large capital, large engineering teams and months to just get the infrastructure in place is now available to procure and operate quickly, with low operational overhead, and without long term commitments.  Time to innovate using big data??

Read here about the Kinesis release:

Analyze Large Data Sets on Elastic MapReduce Clusters With Impala

Another good summary of the AWS Impala release here:

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