AMZN Invests in Cloud Computing Ecosystem Partner Acquia

by | Aug 15, 2014 | Blog

AMZN Cloud Computing InvestmentOn-AMZN:  In addition to digitial distruption from it’s cloud computing capabilities, AMZN is investing in ecosystem partners that drive consumption of cloud computing, and give AMZN good insights to end user needs.  Acquia is a Drupal based solution and services company that describes itself as an “enterprise faciliator”.

By Leon Spencer/ZDNet

Less than three months after securing a US$50 million funding round, Drupal hosting company Acquia has received an additional undisclosed investment from (AMZN)

“We run on more than 8,000 AWS instances and serve more than 27 billion hits a month or 333TB of bandwidth a month. Working with AWS has been an invaluable part of our success story, and today’s investment will further solidify our collaboration,”

This latest investment from comes as the company’s cloud business adds services that have sometimes encroached on the areas in which its customers operate, such as Dropbox and Parse, according to a report by VentureBeat.

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