Amazon Secret Features — 12 You Have To Know

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Amazon Secret FeaturesOn-AMZN:  Business Insider listed a few of great features at Amazon that most customers don’t know about.  Here are a few more Amazon Secret Features:

– Many Amazon Prime videos (movies and shows) can be downloaded to your device and watched offline

– Amazon Music let’s you download much of the music that is available (again, for offline listening)

– If you have ever purchased a CD from Amazon, you get a digitized version of album for free

– You can automatically store all of your photos off your mobile device — for free, limitless!

– The MAYDAY feature let’s you easily talk live, via video on your kindle, with great customer service — it’s amazing.

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12 Amazon Features You Probably Didn’t Know Existed
Business Insider
by Julie D’Onfro

1)You can use Mechanical Turk to crowd-source “human intelligence tasks” — like identifying photos — to people all over the world.

2)If you live in New York, Seattle, parts of California. or London, you can use Amazon Locker to get your packages dropped off at secure location while you’re at work.

3)If you shop with Amazon Smile, the company will donate a percentage of your total order to a charity of your choice at no extra cost to you.

4)Amazon Flow lets you take a picture of a product on your smartphone to automatically add it to an Amazon shopping list.

5)You can read through thousands of questions (and answers) about anything and everything on Amazon’s Askville site. Amazon no longer keeps the site active, though, so you can’t ask or answer new questions.

6)You can get a book published in Amazon’s Kindle store less than 24 hours after submitting it through Kindle Direct Publishing.

7)You can share your Amazon Prime account with up to five people.

8)You can also share your e-books and apps with one other person.

9)If you spot an Amazon link on Twitter, you can add the product to your shopping cart by replying with the hashtag “#AmazonCart.”

10)Buy something all the time? You can subscribe to get it on a regular basis.

11)If you don’t care about buying something new, you can also search specifically for refurbished goods.

12)BONUS: You used to be able to use a feature called Diamond Search to buy individual stones on the site based on their carat, shape and color.

Read the full article at Business Insider HERE.

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