Amazon Patents Image Process for Capturing Objects with Seamless White Background

by | May 31, 2014 | Blog


Here were the key headlines and news for Amazon this week:

  • German labor unions looking to strike again
  • Amazon and publisher Hatchette going at it, and impacting availability of key titles
  • Launch of a rare coin store
  • Announces collection of sales tax in Florida
  • Booking a major content deal with HBO
  • Smart phone launch developments and photographs of phone

But by far, the one that is most interesting is Amazon being granted a patent for taking photographs of items with seamless white backgrounds.  Why is this is the most interesting??  It gives insight into the character Amazon.  Here’s a company that not only does big innovation, but complements it with everyday innovation.  This is an example of finding innovation in established processes and methods, and then having the culture to recognize it and create IP around it.

Here are the best articles:

Ubergizmo:  Amazon Patents Basic Photography Technique?

Daily News:  Photographers furious after Amazon Patents technique for seamless white background

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